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Our Story

About Us 

The Warminster Historical Society is headquartered in the heart of Warminster.  A hub for cultural enrichment, historical education and information, and preservation of historical artifacts.  We work in conjunction with other historical societies to promote the vast and rich history of Warminster Township.  We endorse community outreach as well as community participation to continue the great legacy of Warminster.  In doing so, we enhance the knowledge of township history to the greater public and promote the growth of the ever changing and growing community culture.

Hartsville Hotel 1890's

Our Mission

Inspired by passion of local historical properties and passion of history from citizens of Warminster, and enraptured by the legacy of the town, the Warminster Historical Society creates community outreach, preservation and educational opportunities to connect with the echoes of the past to help guide the future.  Incorporating other local historical groups and residents, we create an environment where in which the community can learn about township history, admire with understanding items from the past and research to expand on knowledge from past information allowing the residents to participate in living history.  We celebrate the love for Warminster, explore ways to connect the community and promote conversations to create a better future.

Our Vision

We hope to promote and inspire the history of the township while creating new interest in the community.  By creating new interest in the history of this township, we hope for others to develop understanding about the township, the diversity of the community and the role in which residents can play in keeping the history of the township alive in the future.  We believe our work will inspire others and create a responsibility among the community of how our actions impact the world around us and how history can continue the growth of the future.


The Warminster Historical Society is a non-profit organization.  Our activities, events, preservation and research are made possible through individual donations, grants, fundraisers and sponsorship.  Memberships fees are important as part of our funding as well as important part of community outreach.  If interested please visit our membership page. In addition, if you are a business, please feel free to visit our sponsorship page for more information on the benefits of becoming a sponsor.

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